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02 June 2007 @ 01:55 pm
Senior Schedule  
I have my schedule for senior year, next year. It will be interesting. The difficulty level isn't to different compared to this year's and I've come out unscathed. Our year is divided into trimesters instead of semesters.

Tri 1

Per 1: Sociology
Per 2: Economics
Per 3: Advanced Placement English
Per 4: Advanced Computer Applications
Per 5: Physics

Tri 2

Per 1: Advanced Acting
Per 2: Physics
Per 3: Advanced Placement English
Per 4: Psychology
Per 5: Calculus AP

Tri 3

Per 1: Calculus AP
Per 2: US Government
Per 3: Advanced Composition
Per 4: Intern/Peer Tutoring/Teacher Assistant
Per 5: Business Management and Financing

Wow. Ok, what do you think?